Frequently asked questions

Who provides the capital?

All the capital used for lending is provided and fully underwritten by Lenkie

How much can I borrow?

Currently Lenkie is offering growth capital solutions from between £500-£100,000, depending on the business performance of the specific borrower.

What is the application process like?

Lenkie uses your online transaction and banking data to underwrite all lending meaning that you can access capital within 48 hours in a quick online process.

What type of capital does Lenkie offer?

Lenkie offers growth capital through a revenue share agreement. We charge a fixed fee on the capital and we collect repayment as a percentage of sales. We do not need any equity, security against assets or any personal guarantees. We offer fast and flexible access to capital based on your business performance.

What data do we use?

We don’t need any paperwork, business plans or financial projections. We collect transaction data on your real online business performance and combine that with banking data to come to an instant credit decision on how much we can lend and the pricing.