Unlock working capital for sellers on your platform

Lenkie enables e-commerce platforms and marketplaces to embed lending solutions, so that you can provide fast and flexible financing to help sellers on your platform grow their business.

One integration to offer embedded platform lending

Lenkie powers the entire process from underwriting to collecting repayments


We fund all the loans with our own capital and absorb any losses.


We aggregate borrower data across their payments, marketing, and banking platforms.


Our KYC and Fraud Engine provides full compliance oversight.


Our proprietary credit scoring algorithm underwrites credit to businesses, in real-time.


We provide all the relevant regulatory licenses and legal agreements.


We automate the disbursement and collection of repayments to create a seamless customer experience.

Create a branded end-to-end platform lending solution

Lenkie provides all of the capital, compliance and technology required for you to unlock working capital for sellers as they grow their platform revenue - creating a reinforcing cycle of growth.

User growth and retention

By providing working capital to sellers it allows them to invest in their growth. This increases their platform engagement and allows you to better attract, retain and grow your seller base.

Seller platform experience

Lenkie exists as part of your existing platform experience. We provide an automated and integrated process that allows sellers to access credit and promotes platform loyalty.

Unlock additional value

We analyse platform transaction history to pre-approve credit for sellers on your platform.

Enhance Sellers’ Platform Experience

Seamless application process

We analyze real-time platform data to pre-approve working capital for sellers on your platform

No Collateral or guarantees required

We offer your sellers an instant working capital credit facility that is automatically repaid via a percentage of sales.

Mutual growth

Access working capital on-demand which scales continuously with the growth of your business


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With Lenkie you can:

Grow platform transaction volumes

Create an additional risk-free lending revenue stream

Improve seller acquisition and retention

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