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Get speedy funding from £5k to £250k to fund marketing, inventory and growth without giving up equity.

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What is Easol capital?

Easol capital is a cash advance. A cash advance is short-term funding that is collateral-free and is given based on your monthly sales, which is then repaid as an agreed percentage of your future revenue.

Our revenue-based funding model means you only repay us when you generate sales.

We’ll simply take a fixed percentage of your daily sales until we have recouped the capital + flat fee.

Easol capital is powered by Lenkie, an embedded lending company.

Unlock your capital in 3 easy steps

Sign up with some basic company details

Connect your sales and bank accounts

Select and receive funding

How it works

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Flexible repayments


You receive payment from your customer e.g £1000

£100 goes towards advance repayment (Agreed percentage e.g 10%)

£900 goes back into your business

Get funding starting from £25k - £250k

Applying online takes a few minutes. And because you’ll be subject to a soft search, it won't affect your credit score.

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