Unplugged: Scaling off-grid cabins to create relaxing escapes in nature


Unplugged is a fast-growing experiences startup that allows their customers to recharge in three night cabin escape, surrounded by nature. 

They are on a mission to help us unplug from our devices and relax, as an antidote to hectic city life. Customer's phones are physically locked away during the trip, allowing them to fully disconnect.

The challenge

Unplugged has experienced significant demand since launch,  further driven by the post-COVID UK staycation boom. As a result, their existing cabins are fully booked out for months, forcing them to turn customers away during a very busy period. They needed to construct and furnish new cabins, which required upfront capital expenditure. As a relatively new business they needed access to a fast and flexible funding solution to enable them to make the investment to quickly meet customer demand.

Our solution


The results

Unplugged used the cash advance to start construction on additional cabins and now have 6 different locations around London with their monthly revenue having more than doubled by being able to react so quickly to increased demand. By having an on-going relationship with Lenkie they can instantly access more capital to keep investing in their business to prepare for their summer peak.

Return on capital for Unplugged


 Revenue Growth


Image by Nachelle Nocom

Working with Lenkie enabled me to unlock growth capital in days to meet increased demand. The whole process was fast, seamless and the flexibility of repayments was a huge benefit.


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Hector Hughes


Co-founder, Unplugged

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